DNA Relationship Tests

If you need answers quickly to establish biological relationships, BioClinics can help.

We have an extensive range of DNA tests available that can be used for both legal purposes and personal information only. DNA test types range from paternity testing to complex relationship tests for siblings and grandparents.

Sample collection for all Legal DNA tests takes place at our local DNA Clinics around the UK. We are the only DNA testing company that provides FREE DNA test kits for individuals looking for peace of mind.

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Drug and Alcohol Tests

Fast drug and alcohol testing results for workplace, legal and private purposes.

As with our DNA tests, we have a comprehensive suite of drug and alcohol tests available. From random drug screening using urine samples to hair drug and alcohol testing to prove abstinence, we have a test to suit any requirement.

BioClinics are an established provider to industry for drug and alcohol testing. We aim to deliver a fully compliant drug and alcohol testing service by committing to industry recognised accreditation standards such as RISQS (formerly Link-up) and UVDB.

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Genetic Testing Service – Cancer Risk

Knowledge to Empower and Prevent

BioClinics offer the Color Test. An indepth, state of the art genetic testing service, made affordable and accessible in the UK for the first time. The test analyses 30 genes, including FULL genomic sequencing of the BRCA 1 and BRCA2 genes, to assess your risk of developing the most common forms of hereditary cancers.

Choose from:

19 Gene Panel - Genetic risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

30 Gene Cancer Panel for Men - Genetic risk of colorectal, melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and male breast cancer.

30 Gene Cancer Panel for Women - Genetic risk of breast, ovarian, colorectal, melanoma, pancreatic, stomach, and uterine cancers.

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Polygraph (Lie Detector) Testing

If you need to establish the truth in difficult circumstances, Polygraph testing is a tried and trusted technique.

Through a unique network of local Polygraph (Lie Detector) Testing Clinics and Mobile Polygraph Examiners, BioClinics provide on-site and off-site polygraph (lie detector) testing services, throughout the UK and Ireland.

This world class polygraph testing service (lie detector service) is available to the general public, as well as attorneys, therapists, corporations, and government agencies such as Social Services.

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Weight Loss DNA Tests

This test analyses genes that have been clinically proven to have an effect on an individuals response to diet and exercise.

Weight can be reduced and controlled safely with a plan matched to an individuals DNA and validated by a clinical study with a major university.

The results of the test provide a combination of a diet and exercise ID unique to the individual. The accompanying report provides the correct percentage of carbs, fat and protein for the body, and the type of exercise required to lose and control weight safely.

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